NAEMSE Symposium in Nashville Part 3


Today was overwhelming….but in a good way. I’ve learned so much! As my first post said, my schedule for the day was as seen below.

11am-12pm Breakout Session 1: The Sequence of Simulation

12:15pm-1:15pm Breakout Session 2: Federal Update

1pm-4pm EKU Exhibit Table

4:15pm-5:15pm Breakout Session 3: Affective: Academic, Not Punitive


Breakout Session 1: The Sequence of Simulation

Things I learned:

1)     I should read the book Experience and Education by John Dewey (1963)

2)     “The experience someone has in the classroom will directly impact/effect their further actions/experience” – speaker Dennis Edgerly

3)     Skills should be tested at different levels (all the way from novice to expert)

a.       Isolated skills (based on sequence, skill sheets, repetition, etc.)

b.      Scenarios (application of skills, multiple skills in context building on each other, etc.)

c.       Simulations [sometimes Capstone Events] (real time and real life, minimal instructor interaction, etc.)

         i.      This is a good way to see if a student is ready to go into the field/internship

4)     Overall: when following this method, students are more competent with their skills, will perform better on the written portion of the NREMT and in the field.


Breakout Session 2: Federal Update

Things I learned:

1)     I need to learn all the acronyms such as NIMS and CMI.

2)     Check out

3)     In all honesty, a lot of this went over my head, but I plan on reading over the handouts more in depth and learning my EMS acronyms!


EKU Exhibit Table


1)     I met three of our Fall A starting online students! It was great to be able to put faces to names!

2)     We need some more up-to-date information and more awesome giveaways to make our booth more interactive and stand out.

3)     I met a lot of Bill’s and Nancye’s colleagues and friends. We also had the chance to talk with several potential students.

4)     I meandered around some other booths after done manning our booth, and came upon a company that sells form fitting, securing backboards (of sorts). I really couldn’t move my head (hence the scared/funny face!).


Breakout Session 3: Affective: Academic, Not Punitive (my favorite breakout session of the day)

Things I learned:

1)     Affective Domain is a real thing!

a.       In order to create a lifestyle change in students, we have to get the students willingness to increase by having them do the following in order: listen, participate, be involved, and be an advocate

2)     There are 5 Domains of Emotional Intelligence than can be measured in the Affective Domain. They are: self-awareness, managing emotions, motivating oneself, recognizing feeling in others (empathy), and handling relationships.

3)     Affective Domain must be taught. Behavior must be coached over time. We cannot make assumptions about people based on their behavior we have observed.

4)     Affective Domain can be measured by a presentation, preparedness, and interaction.

a.       I had a more in-depth discussion with the presenter (Dennis Edgerly) afterwards. Many of the areas of measuring affective domain would not be able to be used for online students, so when we talked afterwards I broached this subject with him and we discussed what and how we could measure online students.

5)     We should establish expectations, coach when necessary, remediate when necessary, grade it, and remember that equal is not always fair.

6)     Forced behavior becomes normalized! In other words…the more we do something the more normal it becomes for us.

After this crazy busy day, some EKU faculty, and myself went out briefly for dinner and discussion. Then back to the hotel to prepare for Saturday!


Bonus video! Darius riding a bull.

Published on August 10, 2015